About Bo-Ty

Some people blog because they feel that they have so much to say that needs to be heard.  Others just want to try to cash in on the ad money in the blogosphere. 

 That’s not why we’re here.  No, we just want to communicate with our friends and customers so that when we have something we find interesting or exciting, we can share it with you.

We have fresh flowers coming in daily, and we take that for granted, but sometimes even we get energized by something new or especially beautiful.   We also have new gifts and accessories coming in all the time. Fun new things we’re delighted to have in the store and want to let you know about.






We have been in business since 1950. Our staff is very talented and knowledgeable, and eager to let you in on our experiences in the flower business.  And our goal is to make your experiences with flowers more enjoyable.  Let us know if there are things you’d like to know more about.  We’re learning new stuff every day.  Hope you’ll join us often!  

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