It’s Important To Us

I was recently invited to contribute an article for Forsyth Women Engaged magazine. You can click here to check out the issue, but read on to enjoy the article:

It’s Important To Us by Robert Huff, Bo-Ty Florist, Inc

It’s not easy as a bride to decide on flowers for your special day. With each wedding you attend, each website you visit, and each picture your friends show you, something new and different may excite you and confuse the whole concept!

You probably will have chosen colors early on, as you dream about the theme for your wedding. A favorite flower will likely be in your mind as well, and that should certainly be included. It’s fun and exciting to look at the trends, but they shouldn’t be the main factor in your choices. You have a style, and you’ll see that reflected in the photographs you look through. Get what speaks to you. Choose the things that make you happy-that’s what will make you love your wedding flowers and they will be the highlight of your day.

When you select your florist you will know that we get that. We want you to know that we recognize how important this day is to you, and understand that it’s important to us, too! We understand that your wedding is very personal, as is your vision and your budget. The professional florist will take your ideas, themes, and favorites, and guide you to bring all the elements together to be the perfect complement to all the ingredients that make up that memorable day to make it special and unique.

You see, on your wedding day your wedding flowers will take your breath away. And 20 years from now when you open your wedding album and see pictures of your wedding flowers, your breath will be taken away by them again. Our goal is that you love your wedding flowers, making your wedding day everything you dream it will be.

And every time you think of them, you’ll smile.

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