Oh, What a Night!

Saturday, February 9th was the night of one of the premier events in Winston-Salem.   2013 marks the 30th anniversary of Winterlark, an annual gala which raises money for the Cancer Patient Support Program at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center. Held at the historic Graylyn Estate each year, this black-tie dinner party is coordinated by a group of over 100 volunteers and is one of the most successful benefits in the area.  








For the last six years Bo-Ty Florist has been proud to help with the lavish floral decorations that have become an significant part of the luxurious affair.  Our designers are excited to lend their talents to the hard working committee that organizes this function.  Our own Glenna Dawson and Karl Hastings, Jr. serve on that committee, and Karl especially puts a lot of his own time and energy into making it a night to remember.   We feel that this is an important way that we can “give back” to the community, helping to defray a lot of the cost of floral product and donating our creative talent.

At Bo-Ty Florist we decorate and make beautiful floral designs for all sorts of parties, but we are not often a part of the festivities as guests.  Winterlark is one that we get to attend and enjoy the beauty of the flowers from the “other side.” 



This year many of the centerpieces were pinpointed with light, which really made them come alive.

Flowers throughout the estate simply added a special touch to the elegant setting.  It’s just not a party without flowers!

It Was Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day has come and gone and while we are tired we are grateful that we were busy.  It’s the single biggest day of the year for florists and we prepare in advance, but it comes down to a few very long days because there is only so much you can do ahead.  We fill each order individually and try to provide fresh product and timely delivery.  We are very appreciative of our customers who order in advance, but that doesn’t mean we can fill their orders and shelve them for a week until time to go out; it just helps us plan and organize.           

We are also happy to try to accommodate the customers who call the day before and even on Valentine’s Day.  It’s just that we don’t want to jeopardize our level of service by over-extending, so we have to turn down some requests for delivered flowers, although we can usually create something for those who can come by.  For best choice, try to remember next year (and any time, holiday or not) to order early.

Our employees go above and beyond for us at the busy times, and we can’t thank them enough.  Long hours and the pressure to get it done can really pile on stress, but we seem to push on through with little friction.  Some of the folks who come in just at the holidays really enjoy being here and that cheerful attitude is appreciated.  We bring in food so we can keep on working and the employees seem to really be thankful for that little gesture.

We think we have the best customers and our employees are top notch. Thanks to all  of our Valentines!



Leslie attended the wedding of her godson Trevor Collins to Meredith Biggerstaff on Saturday, July 23 in Wilmington, NC. Of course they wanted Bo-Ty to do the flowers, so Glenna and Karl packed up the vans and headed to the beach. Our friends at Ikebana Designs in Wilmington, were gracious enough to open their work room so we had a place to work and their coolers so the flowers stayed fresh. It was the hottest weekend of the season, but the bride was gorgeous and the flowers were beautiful of course. Congratulations to Trevor and Meredith. Thanks to Ikebana Designs for their hospitality. Great job Glenna and Karl!